Starting to work on the drawings

I’ve decided to develop one of the drawings I made on my visit to the collection. This process usually goes well instantly or I spend a day struggling, on this occasion it was unfortunately the later.  I’ve spent years looking down the lenses of a microscope, but it was only recently I realised this is probably the reason that I keep producing pictures that lie within a circle!

cr-4mm-sketchbookHere is my sketchbook, the drawing is of endometrial glands, it’s not a scientific drawing.  I’m more concerned about the aesthetics, I like the colour of the gland contents which is a buttery yellow. As far as I know it’s due to the way the tissue section is stained and not the actual colour, but it looks sort of nutritious and that is in line with it’s function.  The contents are discharged from the surface of the womb and are believed to support the growth of the implanting embryo.

glandsI photograph the drawing, import it into my computer and work on it further. Alternating between traditional and computer aided methods.

A4gland4ok-copy This looks ok here, so far I’m not satisfied with it when printed.




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