1993 – 2008  Senior research associate.

  • Biomedical Research Unit, Jessop Wing, Sheffield, in the laboratory of Professor TC Li. Investigations into the underlying causes of unexplained recurrent miscarriage and the failure of embryo implantation after in vitro fertilisation.
  • External lecturer (Ethics and Assisted Reproductive Technologies), Sheffield Hallam University.

1991 – Locum cytogeneticist

  • Centre for Human Genetics, Sheffield.

1983-87 – Research associate

  • Department of Clinical Genetics, University of Birminghamin the laboratory of Dr Tessa Webb. Investigation into the effect of Lyonisation on the phenotypic expression of the Fragile X Syndrome in female heterozygotes.

1981 – Locum cytogeneticist

  • Regional Cytogenetics Department, East Birmingham Hospital.

1970-1974 – Research associate

  • Department of Haematological Medicine, University of Cambridge. Organised a cytogenetics service for the United Cambridge Hospitals and undertook research into the relationship between viruses, chromosomes and leukaemia with Dr’s A. Karpas and J. Cawley. Analysed the chromosomes of the first hybridoma produced by Dr’s Milstein and Cotton.

1968-1970 – Research assistant

  • Department of Human Anatomy, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Worked in the laboratory of Dr John Gray, an expert in intersexuality and head of the cytogenetics service for the Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital, and surrounding hospitals Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Prepared and analysed chromosomes from peripheral blood and bone marrow in order to identify syndromes due to chromosome abnormalities. These fell into 4 main groups (i) birth defects (ii) abnormal sexual development (iii) infertility (iv) blood disorders e.g. leukaemia.



Endometrial cells in culture



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Fragile X  Culture after BuDr incorporation to show the early replicating active X, which has two small chromosome fragments hanging off the end of the long arm and is therefore fragile (arrowed) and the normal pale stained late replicating inactive X.


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