Reflect on This



Originating from digital photographs taken in the laboratory, ‘Reflect on this’ was made specifically for the stairwell of the Clinical Chemistry Department, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

Composed of five 1500 x 30cm glass panels, the work is designed as a gentle reminder that the specimens that pass through Clinical Chemistry are all from unique human beings and that without light there would be no life. (I had just travelled to France to experience a total solar eclipse, so was rather aware of the significance of sunlight).

As the samples come into the lab they are bar coded before they progress through the machines that analyse whatever is being measured. I manipulated images of the analysers while bearing in mind the unique origin (DNA) of each sample. At the same time the panels are arranged in the same order as the spectrum of white light, linking them to analysis by spectrophotometer and the relevance of light to life.







A photo of the work later won first prize in a competition!




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