In 2010 backed by Arts Council England I curated a show featuring artists who had been involved in the original Hybrid research document. Bringing together the often polarised opposing ‘disciplines’ of art and science Hybrid the exhibition featured Jenni Danson, Lucy Lyons, Third Angel, Bryony and Chloë Pritchard, David McNab, Kelly Cumberland, Simon Warner, myself, Sally Lane-Morgan and Guy Morgan, Lesley Seeger, Paul Digby, Sarah Spanton, Hondartza Fraga, and Alireza Fazeli.



Computer animation of sperm interaction with Fallopian Tube

Still from video

Alireza Fazeli

There are various ways of perceiving consciousness ranging from the subjective to the objective. In order to be able to process the enormous amount of knowledge that has accumulated over the centuries, it has become necessary to split information into different disciplines. 



Micropainting (detail)

Sally Lane-Morgan

microscope slides, microscope, light box, video, coloured pens, workshops.

Exhibitions took place during February 2010 in Persistence Works Project Space and Gallery, Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, and Butcher Works Gallery. All located within the Cultural Industries Quarter of Sheffield.


Princess Clock Ticking (detail)

Sarah Spanton

video, sculpture, performance.

The diverse works in this exhibition were defined by the artists as art related to science.
The exhibition was supported by Arts Council England and Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery.


Blindness 8 (detail)

David McNab

Ceramics, paint, found objects.

The exhibition was followed by a symposium at The Thackray Museum, Leeds.

Supported by Arts Council England and jointly organised with Leeds artist Paul Digby,

the details can be accessed here.

Hybrid Symposium Thackray Museum Leeds