The Restoration of Hope

I was asked to in some way obscure the view into the physiotherapy gym. Anything as long as it wasn’t dolphins! I wasn’t sure what to do so started with photographing the gym and it’s equipment, the rest just sort of came from there.

I used the butterfly as a symbol of transformation from the static to mobile state. The method is influenced by happy memories of  the butterflies that we all made at primary school, by squashing paint into folded paper, just here it’s digital. The designs on the wings are derived from the photographs I took of objects within the gym.

It became a little game because as you walk along the corridor it is possible to identify crutches, Zimmer frames, walking sticks, exercise bicycles, medicine balls, a trampoline, the gym ceiling and my shadow on the gym floor.

Below are some of the original butterfly images plus a picture of the finished work. Butterflies, all colours shapes and sizes,  eventually covered 9 windows in all.



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