In Praise of Libraries


This work began in the company of books. I like the qualities of used things, in this case the thumbed pages and coffee stains of their history, the fluctuating choices of typeface and illustration which make them of their time. That time was actually my parents’ time so I am transported back to the 1940s and 50s via the design of a book cover. Then there was the pleasure of meeting some of the interviewees, taking photographs of their photographs, having a little glimpse into their first encounters with books and over and over again in their recorded conversations arose, with great affection, the role that libraries played.

A palace of words,

A place of peace and quiet

A store of knowledge

 A step into a new future

In the early years of the twentieth century in the library of the past before mobile phones, computers and the internet will we find the seeds of the library of the future?

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